Design system By humblebee

A unified design system makes your organisation more efficient

Let us get you started in just a few weeks.
Successful design systems simplify daily routines, cut costs and allow designers and developers to work faster. Our process helps you build the system you need tailored to your organisation.
Get speed and efficiency
A design system allows you to piece together new components and interactions as quickly as pulling LEGO blocks from a bin.
Get coherent design and functions
A design system helps deliver cohesive and scaleable features in a way that’s efficient for both design and development.
Get Team
Not only does a design system affect the business and user, but it also helps improve many aspects of how we work as a team.

Design Systems provide tangible business value

The main benefits of using design systems are easy to quantify. The speed to build new products and services improves; time to on-board new team members is shortened; costs are cut from a unified user experience across platforms and short & long-term benefits are plentiful.

Our process to build you the perfect design system

Unpack and understand
During the first sprint week we make an inventory of all available material and gather input for the direction of the work. We will understand your company, situation and needs.
Design system comes to life
We bring the insights from the previous sprint and start to build the system using our Codex platform. In just a few weeks you will have the first version of your Design System.
Launch, training and testing
We will train your team in all the steps needed to maintain the design system and make it a natural part of your processes and routines.
1 week
3 week

Main benefits for your organisation

  • Increased efficiency
  • Easier collaboration
  • Unified User Experience across platforms
  • Break the cycle of ad-hoc processes
  • Increased speed and time to market
  • No more redundant work
  • Builds trust and consistency in a team
  • Save time and money
  • Prototype faster. launch faster
  • Reduce reliance on external providers

Design System Manager

Welcome to Design System Manager. Design better and build faster with a single tool that provides your team with a set of organized tools, patterns & practices. This works as the foundation for your application development.

Features to ensure smooth team co-operation

  • User Interface styles
  • Components and examples
  • Writing Guidelines
  • Resources
  • Code snippets
  • Principles
  • Building your design language
  • Design tokens
  • Do´s and Dont´s
  • Customisation
  • and lots more....

Let’s start your design system

Don’t waste time and money, reach out and we can help you build efficiency in your daily work with our tailored design system.